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We have all been there: you’ve been out all day and come home to find your Sub-Zero refrigerator not cooling and in need of repair. Now you need a fast, affordable company that repairs refrigerators in your area. Look no further. Reed’s Appliance Repairs is Waxahachie and Red Oak’s leader in Sub-Zero refrigerator repair service. 

It’s easy to take your Sub-Zero refrigerator for granted until it stops working and your food is at risk of spoiling. Fortunately, the technicians at Reed’s Appliance Repairs specialize in the repair of most refrigerator brands. We come prepared with the necessary parts and tools to solve any problem you may be experiencing.

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Expert Technicians

Our technicians have extensive training on all major appliance brands. We are experts on high-end subzero refrigerators. When your refrigerator is on the fritz, call the repair specialists for service throughout Waxahachie, Red Oak & surrounding areas.

We are a leader in Sub-Zero refrigerator repair throughout Waxahachie. With over 20 years of field experience, Reed’s Appliance Repair offers a 1-year warranty on parts and labor to ensure that your issue is resolved correctly. We want your repair completed quickly, so we stock our service vehicles with the most failed parts. Our goal is to complete your repair in as little as one visit.

Call today for same-day service. Reed’s Appliance Repairs has a growing reputation in Waxahachie & Red Oak.

“Jason was awesome, he came out late in the day to take care of us with our dryer and was very professional.”

Felipe R.

Common Questions About Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Why is my Sub-zero fridge not getting cold? How cold is a refrigerator supposed to be? When people call for refrigerator repair, these are the first questions many of them ask. First, we walk them through checking these easy fixes:

  • The refrigerator isn’t getting power – Sometimes it’s as simple as a popped breaker. Or a household pet might have squeezed behind your fridge and pulled the cord loose.
  • The door gasket has problems – Over time, the rubber strip that creates a seal gets worn. It might crack and cause cold air to leak out. Replacing it is an easy fix.
  • Your thermostat got turned down – Double check to make sure your thermostat is set in the optimal range for your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Food is blocking air circulation – When food storage containers and leftovers block the vents, cold air can’t circulate. Move things out of the way and see if the temperature drops.

If you’ve tried those things and still your refrigerator isn’t cooling, our appliance repair technicians can help you find answers. Other problems that might keep your fridge from cooling include compressor problems, clogged condenser coils, a condenser fan malfunction, air damper issues, and other mechanical problems we arrive prepared to fix.

How Do You Know if Your Refrigerator Needs Repair?

When your refrigerator isn’t cooling, it’s obvious you have a problem. It’s inconvenient to have to figure out what to do with your food while you choose an appliance repair expert and wait for those repairs to be completed. So are there signs your fridge is about to break? Sometimes your refrigerator cries for help before it actually quits. These are signs you should go ahead and call a refrigerator repairman to avoid coming home to or waking up to a refrigerator that doesn’t work.

  • Perishables perish too quickly – When your refrigerator starts to struggle with keeping things cool, perishables don’t last as long. As you add items from the grocery store, your refrigerator struggles to cool them down from room temperature. Then, every time you open the door that cold air escapes, the temperature rises, and your refrigerator has to struggle harder to keep up.
  • Your freezer is frozen – There isn’t supposed to be a large block of ice around your freezer door. When you open that door, you shouldn’t experience a small snow flurry. If you do, you need the services of an appliance repair specialist.
  • Your refrigerator is sweating – A little bit of condensation on the outside of your refrigerator is normal. But large amounts of constant moisture could lead to mold growth, and it’s also a sign your refrigerator has a problem and needs repair.
  • You hear unusual noises – All refrigerators make some noise, but when they’re running properly, that noise is very faint, and it becomes just one of the expected background noises in your kitchen. If that changes and you suddenly notice strange sounds, your refrigerator might be developing a problem.
  • Your electric bill spikes – When your refrigerator is struggling, you might see your electric bill increase. Call for appliance repair to get things back to normal.

What to Do While You Wait for a Refrigerator Repair Expert

If your refrigerator quits working, what should you do with the food inside? How do you know what’s safe to eat and what you should throw out? Here’s what to do when you’re waiting on appliance repair. 

  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed to preserve the coolness that remains inside.
  • Place ice in your freezer and refrigerator to keep temperatures low.
  • Keep an eye on internal temperature. If the food in your refrigerator stays at 40 degrees or below, everything will still be safe to eat. The same goes for your frozen food. If it’s still frozen or not above 40 degrees, you can cook or re-freeze it.
  • If the temperature inside goes below safe levels and you’re not sure how long it sat that way, it’s better to throw things out than to take chances.

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